Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Cotton wool sky.

People Tree, Melodie Roulaud's adorable vision, a cute and quirky shoot for an organic (and somewhat cute) brand. Styled by Aléce Rafferty whilst me and Xavia Somerville collaborated with the face and the hair.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Our Russian Doll.

I WILL NEVER GROW UP. A shoot inspired by the inner adorable, playful but lost child. Created with my industrial stimulation group, summer 2009. Aléce Rafferty created a 'child in her mothers clothes' like vintage feel, whilst Xavia Somerville battled and fought with miles of blonde hair in an empty car park. I did the make-up. The girl is just charming. This shoot make's me long for summer.

From Peckham With Love

Hello, I am Lucy Joan Pearson, a make-up artist from south east London. I am studying Editorial hair and make-up at lcf, currently in second year. Please excuse my spelling and grammar through out. This is a collect of my work, as well as other work, images and words that are, well relevant to me i guess! Enjoy xxx

Viva La Russia.