Thursday, 5 August 2010


So I'm shooting with Naomi and she casualy throws in that were meeting in Waterloo at 4.30am. I'm slightly taken aback, because that is actualy kind of still night time, but I trust her completly and jumped on the 171 at 3.30. I meet Naomi, Auk and Camila at the London eye at 5am and we begin. Early mornings are amazing, they make you feel really smug, like your in a secret 'pretty sceenery' club, just you a drunk man and a very enthusiastic jogger.

The light was beautiful, and we had the whole of the Southbank to areselves. My make-up for Camila was glossy/ grunngy, and her hair (all her own!) was windswept and messy.

I had an insane caffine high and then completley crashed at 10am. The other three were fine I'm just pathetic. I love these pictures and will be doing the early morning thing again very soon.

This is alot of words for me sorry about spelling etc!

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