Thursday, 4 November 2010

Red Bull.

Sarah Young's Red Bulls music class of 2010 (with stylist Sarah Young) This was a three day project i embarked on earler this year. It was a style meets music collaboration with the following artists:

Mistajam (BBC Radio One DJ)
Roses Gabor (Artist)
Toddla T (UK producer)
Redlight (UK producer)
Swindle (UK producer)
Jammer (MC)
J2k (MC)
Donaeo (Artist)
Mz Bratt (Female MC)

The make up for Roses was based around a 1960's white graphic eye (to compliment her futuristic black and white catsuit) and Mz Brattz had a very slick glamorous classic eye with a liner and red lips. The guys all (rather resentfully) had all the basic grooming. It was a really laid back enjoyable three days (and this is also where i meet Geogria!) Sarah's styling was outlandish and very high end, which was new to some of the artist, but they all embraced it with great enthusiasm. I was taken a back by how these people, who all front what could be argued to be an aggressive and intimidating music sceen, were quite possibly the most polite and friendly people i have ever worked with.

And I'll post the pics when there out of course!

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